Writing in a journal

The course is for you if:

  • You started writing a book only to get stuck partway through
  • You sit down at the computer but don’t know what to write
  • Your manuscript needs massive rewrites but you don’t know where to begin
  • You would like a process you can use in creating your novels over and over again.

After the course you’ll have:

  • Tools to create emotionally engaging characters, page-turning scenes, and compelling plots to hook readers
  • A plan you can use for your future novels
  • A way to reduce frustration and that “stuck” feeling.
  • A feeling of accomplishment from making real progress on your novel

Here’s what we’ll cover

It's 12 weeks of dripped content with a weekly live Q & A for all your questions (recorded if you can't make it).

We'll cover new content I've never before taught because there's never enough time.

  • Compelling characters
  • Page-Turning plots
  • Theme
  • Using backstory correctly
  • Story world
  • Plot structure that works
  • Character goals, conflict, and motivations
  • Scene structure
  • Stimulus-Response (the small picture in scenes)
  • Dialogue
  • Action beats
  • Subtexting
  • Interior monologue
  • Deep POV

Jennifer Crosswhite book coach author editor

Who am I?

Book coach. Author. Editor

Jennifer Crosswhite is owner and proprietor of Tandem Services, an author services company that empowers writers to improve their craft, develop their writing careers, find community, and create effective commerce around their books. Her twenty years’ experience spans both sides of the publishing desk, from author to former managing editor.

Prepping your novel writing in a notebook
Prepping Your Novel

Start with the foundations you need to set yourself up for success including common pitfalls to avoid and the key questions you must answer.

Create Compelling Characters

Readers want an emotional connection with your characters. We’ll show you how to create them through appropriate backstory, introducing your characters, and crafting worthy antagonists.

Craft Page-Turning Plots

Readers want to follow your characters through life-changing events. Through story structure, creating conflict, and goals, we’ll show you how to create a plot that readers won’t want to put down.

This course is closed for enrollment.